Finding The Good In the Moment

May 1, 2023

I spent my spring break in Mexico at Rancho La Puerta where I hiked and where I learned. Boy, do I keep learning.

Day One

I start up the mountain. I forget my hiking poles. Everyone goes faster and goes in front of me. I become comparative and whiny. The mountain path is so dry. Arrgh. I could slip. What if I trip and screw up my ankle? That would make for a fun week. Not.

I make it up the mountain and take a few breaths. Well, good. That’s done. Now for the downhill. Oh, crap – there’s mud. Ick. Now my boots are stuck. Now the floors in my room are gonna get muddy. Arrgh. Grr.

Not a lick of gratitude, appreciation, or joy. I ooze emotional pollution the whole way.

Day Two

Francisco, a hiking guide at Ranch, along with a guest from Vermont are both with me as we hike. I am again in the back of the pack. The guest from Vermont is smiling. She starts to ooh and ahh. “Did you see these flowers on the side of the path? Gorgeous!” “Let’s stop and just take in the view from here and breathe.” “Oh to only have a week in such a beautiful spot and only so many opportunities to enjoy the mountain – let’s take some photos to remember the wonderful time we had on our spring break.”

I make it up the mountain. Francisco takes a photo of me. He teaches me both how to find the better places to put down my foot in the mud and how to place my foot on dry dirt so I don’t slip.

I come down with a bit of a smile on my face and a good lesson in finding the good in the moment and knowing things are easier to do with a supportive community.

On Another Vacation

A colleague with young children spent her time on a different type of vacation. Her spring break was at Disney Land. She shared with me a story that really brings things into perspective yet again.

As we know, Disney has a parade every day. Every day a young child comes to the park, for her first time. Happiness! Amazement!

The person who plays Goofy or Cinderella has been working at the park doing the same thing for weeks or years and is a bit jaded with the parade experience, but guess what? It’s that child’s first time at the park and for her it’s a magical moment. And it should be.

When I think of the last weeks of school, for many of us, we are just trying to make it down the mountain, stay out of the mud and not sprain an ankle. Many of us have done it before. Blah Blah. Blah.

I encourage you to be the guest from Vermont or Francisco, the guide. Find the good in the moment and support others to get down the mountain of the school year with gratitude and safety. And with celebration.

Remember the first timer idea from Disney. Celebrate all end of school experiences as this is THE graduation of that senior or THE retirement of your colleague. Be in the moment, celebrate and acknowledge it all.

When I arrived home from my trip, my culture tiles from Gaping Void arrived. This one resonated particularly well my thoughts for this month’s blog. Oh look, it’s May and the sun is coming out! Let’s smile together. Join me.

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Cool Resources: Books & Websites

Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything by Alexandra Carter. “Ask for More is “like having a negotiation coach in your corner” (Linda Babcock, author of Women Don’t Ask) and gives you the tools to bring clarity and perspective to any critical discussion, no matter the topic.”

Been reading fiction – Demon Copperhead, I Have Some Questions For You, The Candy House, The Rabbit Hutch, Lessons in Chemistry and I am bringing Trust and Birnam Wood on my next long trip.