You’ve Reached Your Limit. Here’s How You Can Stretch It

February 4, 2022

Read Jennifer's article in JSD's The Learning Professional. The article entitled You've Reached Your Limit. Here's How You Can Stretch It discusses growth and change.


Collaboration is one of the most frequently used words in education and, in some ways, the least taught. Over two decades as a teacher, coach, and professional development facilitator in a California school district, I learned that I had a credential in my subject, but I didn’t have a credential in how to collaborate and work with other adults.

During the last decade, my consulting work has focused on filling that gap by supporting adult-to-adult communication in schools. I constantly ask myself and the educators with whom I work: How do we stretch ourselves at our learning edges to become our best adult selves at school? And how do we communicate well with one another in service of our students (Abrams, 2021)? This ongoing column for The Learning Professional will respond to that inquiry in ways that are designed to be actionable and helpful across the pre-K-12 continuum and beyond.

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Jennifer Abrams

About Jennifer Abrams

Jennifer has been recognized as one of "21 Women All K-12 Educators Need to Know" by Education Week's 'Finding Common Ground' blog. She considers herself a "voice coach," helping others learn how to best use their voices – be it collaborating on a team, facilitating a group, coaching a colleague, supervising an employee and being an all around better human being in all types of interactions.

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    “I hope you are well. I approached you right after your morning session on hard conversations to thank you for the amazing workshop. I shared that I am tough to impress. Equally, important, I never smile. Nonetheless, your approach elicited a genuine excitement and passion for the work.”

    John Wilson, Curriculum Director
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