Video Presentations

Below you’ll find a series of speeches and presentations from Jennifer. To find Jennifer’s video interviews, check out her Video Interviews page.

American International School of Guangzhou (AISG)

March 2024

Jennifer visited Guangzhou, China to present at AISG last week as a part of their Speaker Series. Jennifer held sessions with their Upper Secondary students, caregivers, staff, and faculty.

Webinar: Stretching at Your Collaborative Edges

February 16, 2023

Our ability to collaborate respectfully with one another matters for the collective well-being of all within it. Based on the book, Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing (Up) at Work, this webinar sponsored by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) looks at 5 capacities educators can develop to become even better team members.

The Inquiry Educators Summit: Pre-event Book Chat

January 2023

Watch as Jennifer participates in a pre-event book chat about Having Hard Conversations at The Inquiry Educators Summit event.

Rotary e-Club of the Silicon Valley Talk

May 29, 2021

In this video Jennifer shared thoughts with the Rotary e-Club of the Silicon Valley about a topic she feels passionate about – adult development.

ACAMIS Presentation

April 21, 2021

In this micro-lesson for ACAMIS, Jennifer will share key ideas from her newest book, Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing (Up) at Work.

A Commencement Speech

May 2020

Jennifer was honored to be invited to give a commencement speech for teacher leaders completing their 2 year teacher leadership academy in Washoe County, Nevada. She tried to make it authentic and funny and short. Have a listen.

Jennifer Abrams’s Message of Hope

April 13, 2020

Jennifer has done a video log that contains a message of hope for this time of sheltering in place. Stay safe and stay healthy. We will see you in person very soon.

Having Hard Conversations: Finding Your Voice Around What Matters

July 10, 2018

Jennifer gives a keynote talk at the 2018 National Teacher Leadership Conference.

Workshop – Being Generationally Savvy: Working Effectively Across Generations

June 1, 2018

Jen delivered this workshop to administrators at the Douglas County Public Schools in Castle Rock, Colorado. See section summaries below.

If you are interested in this topic, check out the following sections (this video is already queued up to the first segment) to get a ‘taste’ of the content:

  • 15:30 to 28:00 to see the overview of the generational workshop and how Jennifer’s research on this topic began in Palo Alto, California.
  • 1:01 to 1:22 to see Jennifer’s introduction to who the 4 generations are in our schools today and their key attributes.
  • 1:35 to 1:50 to see where the generations have ‘sticking points’ with one another in the workplace.”

The Deep End: Always Start With Empathy

May 8, 2018

In her third video version of The Deep End, Jennifer reflects on recent conversations with coaches and administrators about the difficulties they have encountered while working with other adults in the school.

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Keynote Speech: Art of Coaching Conference

February 2018

Watch excerpts of Jen’s keynote speech on “Swimming in the Deep End: What Does It Take?” from the Art of Coaching conference.

Keynote Introduction & Testimonial: Art of Coaching Conference

February 2018

Watch as Jen is introduced by author of The Art of Coaching and founder of Bright Morning Consulting, Elena Aguilar for her keynote on Swimming in the Deep End: What Does It Take?

The Deep End: Necessary Trouble

March 19, 2018

In her second video version of The Deep End, Jennifer shares three key ideas: the need for change, the necessary kind of trouble, and how “making stuff up” can lead to success.

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The Deep End: “Being Allocentric”

February 27, 2018

In this first video version of The Deep End, Jennifer discusses the importance of becoming more “allocentric,” or other-focused.

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Unpacking Hard Conversations

March 29, 2016

Watch Jennifer during her Corwin Edchat Interactive on her book, Hard Conversations Unpacked. She’ll discuss how to de-stress hard conversations and will give an overview of her book.

Get to know Jennifer Abrams

December 16, 2015

Jennifer Abrams is an international educational and communications consultant who trains and coaches teachers, administrators and others on successful instructional practices, new teacher support, supervision and evaluation, generational savvy, having hard conversations and effective collaboration skills.

Hard Conversations: Tools, Tips and “What Ifs”

February 23, 2012

Watch Jennifer discuss her book, Having Hard Conversations. She outlines tips and strategies for those who don’t feel comfortable with hard conversations. Included are guide questions, action planning maps, and tips for different situations that require a hard conversation.

Three Keys to a Successful Hard Conversation

February 23, 2012

Watch Jennifer discuss her book, Having Hard Conversations. She talks about the three keys to successful hard conversations – being clear, crafting a conversation and scripting a conversation with the right language.