Podcast: Playing in the Deep End of the Pool

April 12, 2017

Listen to Jennifer and Daniel Bauer on the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast discussing "Playing in the deep end of the pool"


Show highlights include:

  • How schools encourage “get out” thinking and acting?
  • How to make different choices in their work
  • What the shift from teaching to leading in school requires
  • Why pushing and wanting to be fixed is the problem
  • Here is how to grow adults
  • Playing in the deep end of the pool
  • What is collective efficacy?
  • What the Ministry of Education learned from talking to their principals
  • Jennifer’s process for writing
  • Why “slowing down” and “don’t push” is unhelpful

Jennifer Abrams considers herself a “voice coach,” helping others learn how to best use their voices – be it collaborating on a team, presenting in front of an audience, coaching a colleague, supervising an employee. Jennifer has been recognized as one of “18 Women All K-12 Educators Need to Know” by Education Week’s “Finding Common Ground” blog, and the International Academy of Educational Entrepreneurship’s 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Listen to the Podcast